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Hello, my name is Adina and I am on a mission to help pre-   diabetics and motivated Type 2 diabetics normalize blood   sugars through an online coaching program.

 A physical therapist for the over 25 years, I am here to help   you  reduce your risks of disease processes  connected to your   lifestyle choices. We will work virtually to combine expert   education, fitness training, and mindset coaching. 

 Check out some of the FREE resources to get you started on your journey to better health.  

Remember, the body is designed to heal. Your part is to cooperate with proper rest, diet, exercise, and attitude.”

Adina Verrett Myles, PT, CHC

Owner, RESTORED Therapy and Wellness, LLC

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Are You Suffering From Diabetic Neuropathy?

As a diabetic I am sure you are fully aware of the risks for developing neuropathy. In this report learn what you can do to prevent this painful and debiliating condition or to reduce the symptoms you have.

Office Work Increases Risk of Surgery-Unneccessarily

Learn critical tips that can help you prevent the quiet but debilitating injuries your computer job can cause. Many of these are preventable-if you do these things soon enough.

T2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Learn key steps that will guide you in what you can do to get to losing weight and lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Services I Offer:  

 Lifestyle Rehab  Many chronic diseases are connected to how we live life and our choices. Making better choices reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Your body has a powerful capacity to heal. Are you ready to take a journey to better health?  RESTORED Physical therapy can assist you with a balanced approach to your chronic disease by teaching you best practices for proper nutrition, activity, and mental fitness using health coaching. Click here for more information. 

Pre- and post- op Total Hip and Knee Replacements –Better yet, talk to me about ways to avoid these surgeries. 

Falls Risk/Balance- related to age or sensation changes, i.e. diabetic neuropathy. Click here for more information.

Office Workers if you make living using a computer, the posture and repetition will eventually lead to musculoskeletal strains and disorders. The key is to address the problems before  you experience difficult- to -relieve  pain levels and compression damage to your nerves. This all is key to preventing the common carpal tunnel surgeries.  Click here for more information.

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"Ms. Verrett was instrumental in the healing process of my injured back and left hip. She in 5 visits proved to me her knowledge and practical use of her previous education, special education, special training and experience that not only guided her, but also informed me with better understanding of my physical plight and how to treat it for recovery with proper exercises and walking. Her understanding and communication are great."

Warren S.

“Very professional, prompt for appointment. Explained verbally and or visually exercises to be done to increase my leg strength. Referred me to get a shoe lift which helped me with balance and also gave me exercises to improve balance. [Adina] was very pleasant and therapy really helped me a lot. Would highly recommend her.”

J.P. :Shingletown

""In January of 2016 I had my first knee replaced after thirty years of limited mobility. Physical Therapist Adina Verrett was instrumental in my rehabilitation and stayed with me through my second knee surgery in June of 2016. Her knowledge and ability to explain anatomy was invaluable especially because my second surgery was far more complicated. Adina knew just the right spots to work and her strong hands helped loosen problem areas. It took personal work on my part, but with Adina's guidance I am stronger than I have been in decades. I now walk or ride a stationary bike a half mile at least five days a week. I highly recommend Adina Verrett."


Conquer Diabesity Client: "Must share the good news. J. had a Dr. appointment today with his diabetes [doctor]. The [doctor] was completely blown away with the sugar levels and his A1C.J. is now off of his insulin and taking half of his [Metformin] medication. We share[d] the webinar with the [doctor]. The [doctor] was in total agreement with his [new technique]. He told J. this is a MUST if he wants the A1C lower and not go back on the insulin…Thanks for your efforts and support." Mrs. J.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital Physical Therapy?

 Digital physical therapy uses the convenience of technology to offer physical therapy consulations, set up treatments, monitor and education. Many MDs and other health professionals already use this technology.

Don’t you need to touch me to treat me?

Watching how you move and your describing your symptoms tells much about your condition. Much of the effectiveness of PT comes with education and a client’s dedication to following through with what is outlined. 

What services do you offer?

RESTORED focuses on helping you restore health lost to T2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, with side effect of weight loss. I also teach/treat office workers and those who are post operative candidates. See the services section for more details. I also offer health seminars.

 Do I need a referral?

No. I practice under direct access which means that if you can see a physical therapist first to address your problem. Under this allowance, you do not have to delay your treatment.

Do you take insurance?

No. I am out of network. I charge fee-for service like a chiropractor or masseuse.

 What is the advantage of digital therapy?

Convenience. No traveling. No waiting rooms. Faster access to care. 


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