I am learning late in life how important it is to be deliberate about EVERYTHING. The areas where I have had a steady focus and purpose are strong. Those where I allowed things to unfold…well, let’s say, they have unfolded in ways I would never have wanted.  Wish I could roll some things back up again and realign some of my purposes.

I am grateful, though, for having had the purpose of being healthy and recognize that has been  a journey to be taken daily. My habits today are not those of 20 years ago. As I learn, I adjust. The overall purpose remains the same- to be healthy. Have you determined that your purpose is to be the healthiest you possible?

As one hits the 40-50s, his/her choices start to show up in many areas, including the quality of health. When it comes to how we have managed this gift of life, if we have been careless, self-indulgent, and lazy, we will start to see that our future choices will be dictated by our health.  Did you get that? Our health is going to be key in what we can decide to do over the next 20+ years.

A patient I had years ago told me that she spent her time “seeing professional men”. Although it was a humorous spin to the reality of her life, it was very sad.

My challenge to you and myself is to live a life of constancy of purpose. I need this to improve in other areas of my life for sure. If you are reading this, you likely know that your health is going to require a different level of commitment. Have you made it your purpose to be healthy? This is the key to making the changes to create a life of optimal health and energy.