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Learn how to form new habits  and be empowered to optimize nutrition, exercise, and other powerful lifestyle strategies, all of which enable you to reclaim their health. 

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“Must share the good news. [JD] had a doctor’s appointment today with his diabetes doctor.  The doctor was completely blown away with the sugar levels and his A1C.  [JD] is now off of his insulin and taking half of his diabetes medication. We share[d] the webinar with the doctor.”

wife of JD

About Conquer Diabesity MasterClass Program as presented by RESTORED Therapy and Wellness, LLC

 Participant Kit Includes:

Wellness talks x 8 sessions

Group Coaching

Diabetes Undone Workbook

Diabetes Undone Cookbook

8 Laws of Health DVD

For additional cost:

Personalized Exercise Fitness program virtually monitored

This can be offered 1:1 or in a group. 


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