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Conquer Diabesity


This is an 8 session online health coaching program for Pre-diabetics

and Motivated, and I do mean motivated Type 2 Diabetics.

Pre-diabetes Can Be Stopped in Its  Tracks

and Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed (if you

start early enough).


Let me share my story…

E tpvery year I returned to visit she looked worse and worse. My heart sank every time I saw her.

I learned too late what you can learn now. I did not know that this disease could be reversed.

I can tell you exactly where I was when I learned what was the true connection in the diet to problems like diabetes and heart disease. Oh, how I wish I had known what you can have the privilege of undertanding now.  By the time I learned this information, my mom was already on dialysis.

I have lived through the loss of a mom and grandmother to my children-too early.

I have lived through the anger, the pain of watching  what this disease does to a loved one, and the unavoidable domino effect on the family.

 I have been accused of being a self- appointed doctor and have been caught in the middle of two generations, raising young children and a being a caregiver to a chronically ill parent.

And I don’t wish this on anyone.

Ignoring this disease is selfish and foolish and absolutely deadly.

You are here because you see the importance of guarding your health, but you don’t know what to do.

    Perhaps you’re afraid.   

 Perhaps you’re angry;

What I do know is she is not here…     

           but you still are.

 Are you going to be smart about this?

    How much do you value your freedoms?

 Freedom from drugs;

                                   Freedom from pain in your feet;

 Freedom to live with energy and a purpose bigger than scheduling doctor’s visits.

What is it worth to you to be well enough to enjoy your family, see your grandchildren grow up, graduate and get married?

Do you plan to contribute to their happiness or steal, and yes, I mean steal from their time and means to take care of you?

I hope these things and abilities are very important and that’s why you are here.

I am dedicated to restoring your health.

I couldn’t help my mom, but I am willing to help you.

 Understand that what I have to offer is not for everyone.

This will work, but it may not be for you. Sorry, but I have no energy to try to convince anyone to get in gear and start making the changes to save their health. No energy. Period.

Yet…this is for you if:

You are NOT satisfied with the quality of your health and believe , truly believe there is better;

You do NOT want to hold on to the traditional treatments that have still led to countless amputations and the boom in building dialysis centers;

This is for you if you are not going to make excuses.

If you want to whine and look for pity by remaining sick, this is not for you.

This is for you if you rather spend time doing the things to get off of many of your medications vs. having complaining discussions about the side effects.

This is for you if you are ready to do whatever it takes, be open-minded to learning and understanding that if the current approach had it all right, then we still wouldn’t have diabetics losing their feet, losing their sight, on dialysis, and having heart attacks and strokes.

So, are you ready? Are you committed?

Then if so, so am I. Let’s do this.


Diabesity Masterclass

  • Expert advice

  • Weekly educational class

  • DU Workbook

  • DU Cookbook

  • 8 Laws of Health DVD

  • Access to the video course x 1 year $149 value)

Weekly group support (Zoom call ) ($960 value)

  • Cooking demos

  • Customized medical fitness program

  • Workout Options:

  • Telehealth Supervised fitness program ($240 value)

  • Zoom workouts/Walks 

10 + 15 =

This can be done as a group, limited to 10 people or 1:1. I strongly suggest that you have a family member participate- a spouse who needs to understand what changes you are making in your life. You will not be charged for the immediate family member-spouse, adult- child. 

This will be done by webinar format–meaning that you can participate from the convenience of your home. If you miss a session, you will have access to the videos. Please sign up soon as I need to be able to order kits to be mailed to you. 

NOTE:  There are two ways to take my program. 1) Only the lecture and health partner portion. 2) For the serious transformers- the FULL Conquer Diabesity Program with a monitored fitness program, 1:1 sessions, weekly workout.

This program WORKS. This is your chance to turn your health around.

Contact Adina Verrett Myles, PT  at [email protected] or call 301-452-4261 with any questions. If you do have a family member who will be joining in on the webinar, be sure to let me know who they are. If you are a couple and both need the help, I will still only charge for one.  

Fill out the form here and then I will email you an invoice. After your payment, I will then place an order for your kit. Please register early so that I can get the kit out to you on time.

I look forward to helping you restore your health in 2020!

Fill in the form to the left to get me your information so we can discuss if this is truly a fit for you. There is no obligation. 

I’d love the opportunity to work with you. 

Looking for 1000 pre-diabetics and T 2 diabetics to help! Will you be one?  


Have You Ever Done

Something That


Your Life Forever?

Want More Information or still unsure?

Click Discovery Call to schedule a free 15 minute call.   There’s no obligation, just hope.  Adina Verrett, PT @ 301-452-4261

Want More Information or still unsure?

Click Discovery Call to schedule a free 15 minute call.   There’s no obligation, just hope.  Adina Verrett, PT @ 301-452-4261