FitBod Silver

Strengthening and Conditioning for Ages 60+

                    “The USPSTF is a task force [that] found that clinicians can help many

older adults prevent falls by recommending exercise or physical therapy.”

Fit Bod Silver is for you if:

* You have been discharged from home health or outpatient therapy feeling stronger, but are wondering “Now what?”;

* You don’t want to lose what you have gained with your therapist;

* You want a professional who can understand your medical background and guide you to the next level of fitness;

* You are starting to lose your pep in your step and beginning to feel unsteady on your feet;

* You have fallen more than once in the last 12 months;

* You are afraid that you will not survive another fall; and/or

* You want to remain strong and confident to happily continue your independent lifestyle.

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Sessions are Live x 45 minutes

Digital Sessions are for 30-40 minutes

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