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“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” –

BB King

Educational Webinars for Prevention and Wellness

These are seminars that I can offer at your worksite, organization, facility, church to bring improved awareness to the community. 

SPECIAL 2020 WEBINAR: Good Night-How Not to Let the [Flu] Bugs Bite.

Fear of anything  compromises the immune system. The Coronavirus is no exception. Learn what you can do to build your resistance to this virus-  that goes beyond just hand washing and 6 feet barriers. Prevention is always the key. Join me for this hour-long webinar to equip yourself, loved ones and clients in successfully fighting off this illness.  Watch this 1 hour seminar. Start and stop as you need, just watch it and learn. 

Warning Office Workers- Ignoring Your Pain Can Cost You Your Career!-Webinar

 If you make your living on a computer, you are at risk of losing your livelihood due to the 2nd most popular surgery with  only a 23% success rate. Do you know how to avoid this?

Debt Crises in the Bedroom

Not getting enough sleep? It may be costing you more than you think! This seminar teaches you the dangers of poor sleeping habits. Learn how to avoid loss of health by following the best rest standards. 

Black Belt Health

Self-mastery is defined as the capacity to take control of one’s life without being blown off course by feelings, urges and circumstances. Do you have control over your body or does your body (health) control you? (Photo: Thao-le-Hoang)

You’re Killing Me?-coming


 Ask any nurse and the worst wounds to heal are those that tunnels deep below the surface. These take years to heal, if they ever do.  Our life experiences can create deep tunnels that reach deep into the body. Studies are showing how symptoms of illness are being tied to these experiences. (Photo: D-ng-nguy-n)

Home Sweet Home-coming

Learn about how to stay where you will enjoy life best and to educate you on how to take care of yourself there. Discover what threatens a person’s ability to remain in their home and what you can do to stay where you can thrive the most. (Photo: Scott Webb)

10 Healthy Habits-coming

Have you noticed the two common approached to fixing a health problem? Prescribe or cut. Do these fix the issue? Possibly but not likely. Health is a lifestyle–best health consists of at least 10 habits practiced as many days of the year as possible.  Learn how to cooperate with many of the elements (you to build to an optimal level  of  health. (Photo: Les Anderson)

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