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WEBINAR: Warning Office Workers- Ignoring Your Pain Can Cost You Your Career!

77% of Computer Workers getting surgery lose their job. Learn How to Prevent Pain & Surgeries Related to Your Job in Less than 10 Minutes a Day

This 60 minute webinar could save your career. This  has been presented to organizations at a rate of $300 per hour. You can learn about why you hurt, what habits you need to develop to prevent injury and get to ask a  physical therapist the next steps to take if you are symptomatic already. SIGN UP TODAY-THIS WILL BE THE MOST VALUABLE HOUR YOU’VE SPENT ON YOURSELF. 



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What Every Office Worker Should Know To Prevent Injuries and Surgeries

A computer job is potentially as hazardous as doing the lifting job at UPS. You are not probably aware of this. I don’t want you to suffer the scourge of working at a desk, so thus this report. Once tissue is damaged and you are having pain, please DO SOMTHING before changes occur, there can be a point of no return. I’m seeing younger patients coming in with problem. So let’s get to it! Get your FREE report to learn the techniques that can prevent you from wrist to arm to neck pain.

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What You May be Experiencing

  • Pain at the wrist
  • Achiness at the elbow or shoulder
  • Burning  or numbness in the fingers
  • Cramping
  • Weakness in your hands and swelling
  • Headaches or stiff neck


Ready to Do Something Now?

Smart Choice. The sooner the better. I can “see” you via a telehealth office visit. First session is 1 hour at $95. Any follow up is for 30 minutes.


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