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The DIS-STRESS of Stress Part 1

Forgive me, but frankly I find the news depressing, don’t you? Life brings enough of its own challenges without bogging your mind down with someone else’s outlandish behavior. The reality is that the news happens whether we take notice of it or not. Don’t you wonder...

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An Apple a Day May Really Keep the Doctor Away

Photo by Adem- Djemil Apples have over 200 nutrients—the whole apple. According to  study by Cornell’s Food Science and Toxicology Department in NY, the apple has 1,500 mg of Vitamin C. This shows the benefit of eating whole fruits and vegetables. Did you notice...

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Holidays and Weight

With Christmas less than a week away, the holiday season is almost over, but the holiday EATING for most people will last for nearly another month. I could try and tell you how to not eat anything but lettuce and fruit while the rest of the family is enjoying...

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Falls Due to Neuropathy

One of the unfortunate side effects of diabetes is the assault on the nerves of the feet and eyes. The nerves around these areas are free game for the excess blood sugars floating around your blood stream because these tissues do not require the gatekeeper of an insulin receptor.
The feet need to have the optimal sensation in order for you to participate safely with your activities that challenge your mobility. It takes a certain nerve control to sense the change in the surface your walking on. During early changes of sensation, there may be numbness that it uncomfortable but doesn’t per say interfere with your activities. You might just be a little “clumsy”. But it is dangerous to ignore this as the cause of this is typically uncontrolled sugar levels. As long as these sugar levels are out of whack, the nerves of the feet and eyes are being attacked.

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